Just like snapinator, is there a reverse, perhaps. Scratchinator. This would turn Snap! projects into Scratch projects. If there is already one please send the link, if not, it’s a good idea.

That's pretty much impossible...

Scratch and Snap! are both Turing complete, so it is possible, maybe except for Snap!'s extra I/O stuff (playing arbitrary new sounds, making HTTP requests, etc.). But it would require implementing a lot of missing Snap! features in Scratch, it wouldn't produce very nice Scratch code, and it's unlikely to be very useful, so it probably won't happen.

It would make an interesting exercise for someone but as @djdolphin says, unlike snapinator, not of any practical use.

But it might appeal to someone :slight_smile:

I agree with earthrulerr. I want to make my Snap! game available in both platforms so I can maybe translate it to javascript.

This is slightly impossible, since javascript blocks and other blocks arent in Scratch.

Well you do things in Scratch like your hatblock project that seem impossible without JS.

I hacked the JSON. Read the description. And as always, check your facts before posting.

Yes I did, but how did you do it?

JSON editing is easy for .sb2, but I'm not sure if it is for .sb3.

I do not know how too.

It's easier on a computer, where you can open the archive and edit the project.json file and have it work.

Oh using the console?

What console?

No. Just save the file as a zip archive, unzip it, and edit the JSON.

I just open it with 7zip and edit the project.json file with Notepad.

I can open it up on a chromebook and copy it to a non-zipped folder/

Oh i get it now.

So, you never knew .sb3 files were basically zip archives?

Oof, being on both Scratch and Snap! at the same time is hard