Scratchblocks in forum

No, I’m not, I’d wish to come. ;-;

Alright. My fears became true. Not coming. :cry:

It might not be too much in your currency but too much in ours. It is equal to 1500+ in BDT.

ok, it's more like, I can't spend money, I would love to go, but my mom won't let me.

20 dollars is like 30 dollars for me :dollar:

Okay, at our planning meeting tomorrow we're going to discuss discount rates for youths. Does it have to be free? Could you spend $1? It's not that we're desperate for money, but that we don't want a zillion people to sign up and then not bother coming. A little money commitment helps that problem.

If I sign up, I'll try to go, but since my mom keeps making me get off my computer, I might not be able to. I'de rather sign up when I know for certain that I can go.

I have never planed on coming plus I just know my mum would say no for the time and meeting other people from the other sIDE of the globe, plus my mum also doesn’t like me chatting to people I do not know like right now

Uh oh, you mean you shouldn't be chatting with me? ;~P

Is that because she thinks it's all video games? Or that your muscles will atrophy? Make sure she knows that this is a once-a-year educational event meant primarily for adults.

Yeah basically

Hey, 1 dollar is so cheap! I would join for at least two hours if not the entire time.

You mean AUD? I said the amount in BDT.

I'm pretty safe. I hardly ever eat children.



Yeah, she thinks all I do on my computer is video games when clearly I'm not playing video games. Also, I haven't said anything about snapcon to her, I just know she won't let me.

Sigh. I've had to talk kids into asking their parent(s) to let them do something before. The hard part has always been talking the kid into daring to ask. I have never gotten the kid to ask and then had the parent say no. Sometimes it takes an email exchange between the parent and me, but often not even that. So, go ahead, break my winning streak!