Scratchblocks in forum

Scratchblocks will be useful tool to display blocks.

It would make prettier graphical blocks in forums instead of ugly text-only blocks.

Possible uses:

  • Block suggestions

You can download a picture of a script in snap by right-clicking on one and selecting "script pic". It will be downloaded to your computer where you can add it in to a post:

Yes, we definitely need that. Where's @tjvr when you need him? :~)


However, some people may ran to a problem with the final picture's quality or want to easily change the blocks.

A dev already supported this suggestion, why is there more supporting it? What we really need is for people to talk about the downside of this, because more variety in ideas is always good, no?

I can't see a downside to Snap!blocks. All that stands in the way is that Tim isn't a student any more and doesn't have infinite free time. But I'll bug him about it.

For now we can just type out the block shapes
‭ __________
/ When < > \
\_‭‭‭ ‭ ‭ ______/
‭ ‭ ‭\_/

that block took a long time to make lol


Like this?

 /   \____________________
|       ________________  |
|      /__________     _\ |
|when <(x position) > [3]>|
|      \----------     -/ |
|       ----------------  |
|__   ____________________|
|  \_/          |
|      __       |
|move (10) steps|
|      --       |
|__   __________|

Like this, but based on auto-generated images with copiable text.

I was just replying to miniepicness. That's what the thing in the top right of my post means.

yes how long did that take

If one of you would like to steal the code from the Scratch forum and make a pull request for this one, that would be great.

I made a suggestion on scratch for scratchblocks in snap, Here's the link

Trying to convince Tim Radvan, who wrote that code, to add it to Discourse for us. He's busy these days, though. This is the sort of project that we'd be happy to see happen, but will never get around to ourselves. We need some brilliant 12-year-old to take it on.

I don't think there's any issue about permission from Scratch.

I am a 12-year-old, but I'm not very brilliant (unless you say all that I've done brilliant) and I'm not very convincing.

Well, do you program in Javascript? You'd have to learn how to mod Discourse (the forum software), which they have documentation about. And then grab the code (asking Tim if you can't find it) and have at it. If that all seems beyond you, recruit collaborators (maybe from Scratch AT).

I don't know Javascript, well only a few hacks for dino runner, but maybe I could talk to some people about it. And what's scratch AT?

The Advanced Topics section in their forum.