Scratchblocks in forum


I'm just 14 years old with brilliant brain but busy with studies.
And I don't know JavaScript.
I can do python of course.

Why is this an "of course"?

By the way, what is this "vote" thing that has just appeared at the top of this topic?

Fun fact, I’m 12 and can code, but this might be too complicated. I’ll try though.

Go for it!

12 year olds are amazing. Nobody's told them yet that there are only a finite number of hours in the day.

It was not me!

Guess who else is in that age range?

You got ninja'd! Read Understanding Encrypted Messages. But still please feel free to go ahead. I am in the age range, too!

Hey are all you 12 year olds coming to the (virtual) Snap!Con?


Not sure. I was (and still am) interested but it appears that I might fail to participate because of the time schedule. That will be one hour past my bed time!

I could try to make an engine, I'm no expert at JS but I'm a fast learner.

Man, we tried really hard to hit everyone's awake time. I guess that's not theoretically possible though. Do you mean we start an hour past your bedtime?

You end at an hour past my bedtime.

Oh, well. Just stay up late for once. (For four times?) Tell your parental units it's educational.

Well, not the only issue (let me not tell you). My parents would allow me if this was the only issue (if any sort of school stuff does not become a barrier).

Ok, so since it costs money then I won't be going. Sorry.


Hmm. We tried to keep the price too low to be a deterrent. $20 is too much? Good to know.