Scratch compabilities

We want @mr_owlssssnap2 and @pajamaclaws21 to stop saying that its not compatible with Scratch even though it is compatible with every version of Scratch since Scratch 1.3

What the h#ll is "it"?


More context?

If you are REALLY bored with nothing to do other than to make useless posts with no context and making assumptions, you can read this. Then review it by asking me those questions 10 times.

So what? Snap is very different from scratch, and has waaay more features, so of course it's not compatible. I think you should think more before posting.

sorry, I just don't like it when people say someone else should be banned with no real evidence as to why

...and this is the part where people think calling the moderators via flagging or pinging them or telling them to do stuff will always work because the moderators will take favor of them and do as they are told. Truth be told, it will NEVER work.

Speaking of evidence, @idkbutprobablyamogus you haven't given evidence. Yet.

Its an evidence

No it's not, it's just you saying something mean.

Well you are guilty

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, so I'm just going to leave.

also, this is nothing like among us chat, so please stop

Bye have a great time

I don't know what's sadder, the fact that I'm literally posting a post that will make me sound like the father of a father vs son conversation, or the realization that this post is not a joke.

Now lets do private conversation with u

Nah, I'm just going to say stop with the off-topic posts. That's all.
Also I like how you said that @cymplecy's post about off-topic posts shouldn't be closed but kept on the Forums yet you post off-topic posts.

Bruh why snap hates off topic posts?

I mean, it's fine every once in a while to have off-topic posts, but if you will make a topic that is titled "Chat here" or something, then the moderators won't like it. None of us will.

It's fine if you are on the "Share your projects" category, sharing a game, and then people will stir up an off-topic conversation that you can continue with others.

oh, yes...


Ok so what do we do :neutral_face:

You're joining my private conversation

right, your private conversation, which for some reason beyond me you decide the appropriate place to host is this post you create, publically, to, i dunno, only the internet. available anywhere theres a mcdonalds or a cellphone with service.

I’m confused. What did I do?

EDIT: wait did someone say I should be banned??? oh wait it was before the post was edited

ok serious talk now…

Is that relevant to this conversation though??

Since when has the Snap! forums been private…?

About what????? This topic is very unclear…