Scratch 3 block help (Part 2)

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how do you make days since 2000

Find out the timestamp (in milliseconds) of midnight 1st Jan 2000 using Google

Subtract that from current time in milliseconds - see sensing category, current reporter options

Divide result by how many milliseconds there are in a day

untitled script pic(5)
I'm making... but it isn't finish

I came up with my approach while away from computer

I'd forgotten that Snap! can supply the current year :slight_smile:

untitled script pic (20)

But I like @nieznajomyh approach - even more over complicated than my original :slight_smile:

We should turn this into a competition......

I must take into account leap years and also differences with quantity days in month which makes problem more hard.

Just use 1/4 (0.25) to represent leap day.

if you want to compute days since 2000, use this:


current time in milliseconds is # of milliseconds since 1970

i went here to get # of milliseconds since 1970 for 1999/12/31 (Date to Millisecond Calculators – Code Chi)

It's a good solution :+1:

Ok, thanks!

i'm glad it works! :+1:

Scratch uses "scratchix timestamps" while snap uses unix timestamps
They serve the same purpose with an offset of 30 yrs

scratch doesn't have a time in milliseconds, and snap doesn't have a days since 2000, so I don't see how that is relevant.

Scratch's days to 2000 gives u a timestamp multiplied by 86400

would this be okay to necropost on?

not with that post

@ego-lay_atman-bay okay