SciSnap! Ideas

I just stumbled upon SciSnap while looking through the block library, and wanted to start using it. So I'd love some ideas for what to do with it! (Because I don't know what to do with it :no_mouth:)

Yeah you are talking about mods.But you are asking about vanilla snap right?(if you are asking about morphic then #advanced-topics:advanced-help-with-snap and if you are developing mods(i.e fork of snap editor) then #advanced-topics:extensions )

I guess I'm talking about vanilla snap

There is a post about an older version from the author/owner and a link to the German manual.
You may ask if there are translated versions available.

When you import the lib and run this block:

english and german manual

oh ok

(slight offtopic)It's cute that it says "hand bunch" in germen.Like,you would want to have a bunch of them in your hands.German people are cute.

"Hand buch" => hand book => manual

ah that explains it