SciSnap! is online

in case you are interested: here is SciSnap!
It is a system of two parts: on the one hand, categories can be added to the current Snap! version , hidden or deleted. On the other hand, quite extensive libraries of about 250 new blocks in total can be loaded into these new categories. The libraries are related to image processing, diagramming, mathematics, data analysis and databases, graphs and neural networks. The goal of SciSnap! is to be able to work with the current Snap! version - as long as there are no fundamental changes in it. SciSnap! shall be usable as a tool as well as a development environment and is intended for higher grades of school as well as for undergraduate studies.
The system is described in a script of about 100 pages with 50 examples.
The libraries and this script can be downloaded from and
The SciSnap! starter can be found at
Snap! 6.7.4 Build Your Own Blocks! starter
SciSnap! itself at
Snap! 6.7.4 Build Your Own Blocks!
Have fun with it!
Eckart Modrow

The last two links do not work for me

did you share the projects?

You first have to create the categories. After this you can load the libraries. Please read the manual. :wink:

the project links dont work and

the page closes right after i open it

you actually need to write down the link in a new tab and it should download then