Run JS Array/Passing Arrays as Function Arguments

I want to somehow run a JavaScript array

Here it is btw
<p><select name="example" size="1">
<option value="(input1)">(input1)</option><option value="(input2)">(input2)</option><option value="(input3)">(input3)</option>

Can somebody show me how to run just a array?

What do you mean by run an array? Arrays are not functions, so they cannot be run.

I know I want a JavaScript that can run a array

So I can’t even try? I thought “var newArr = Array.from(arr);” could somehow work

I don’t know what your saying, are you saying I can’t?

I'm saying I don't know what you are saying; we both are not understanding each other.

I thought maybe there was a script that could output the options, I’m trying to make a options block so I might not even need this. I know a alert, prompt, and confirm block can exist with JS (cuz there’s a project with them) so I thought another JS block could give the user a choice, I mean I made a script that just sends them to a document including the options that is the same link so I’m trying to see if I can put that list of options inside of a prompt block that outputs the selected option if they press “Ok”

Im getting ready for the “TLDR”, any year now...

There is no way to use an option with JS dialogs. You need to combine HTML Dialog with some JS.
Ask the preferred search engine for "html dialog" examples.

For interaction with the Snap! search the forum for "Snap! API".

Okay, I'm not sure I understand what you're asking either (I know that must be terribly frustrating for you; sorry) but my guess is different from everyone else's guess. I think you want

return new List(arr)

to turn the JS array into a Snap! list. Was that it?

By the way, what you type to get code in a post is three backquote characters (`) in a row, not a quote (") and a backquote. They go on an otherwise empty line.

So the mindreading contest started ... :wink:

It's the most important skill for a teacher. I can't teach early childhood (age<8) because I can't read their minds at all. (I volunteered in a first grade (age 6) class once and it was terribly frustrating for me even though the kids were adorable.) I bet I could read r4x's mind face-to-face, but it's a lot harder without seeing their face, isn't it? (Not saying I'm infallible, by the way; I've felt frustrated with 10-year-olds too, sometimes. But I'm pretty reliable with them.)

Another question I have is how he made a dropdown selection.

I don't know if that's working because my preview completely broke while typing that but I made it using HTML tags, how did he make it by trying to make a representation of a JavaScript array?

It kinda works but it has no options. It’s ok the way I typed it somehow didn’t have any options either

<p><select name="example" size="1">
<option value="(input1)">(input1)</option><option value="(input1)">(input1)</option><option value="(input2)">(input2)</option>

I want a way to make options, there is a custom COMFIRM block, it shows a popup that confirms text

JS blocks script pic

And I have a code that brings you to a document with your options. I forgot the command but there must be a way to use the array that turns text into options possible, maybe there’s a command to make interactive text, but putting each command in a list might help achieve something?

He replied before it showed the code

Wait guys look I found something (it’s not actual text it just a screenshot)

I found a webpage that could also be useful

What? Is this serious?