Rotating Patterns

I just realized that if one sprite is attached to a second sprite, the first sprite draws a circle as the first sprite turns. This can produce interesting patterns with minimal effort.

Could an extension of this method be used to draw an elllipse?


Here's a link to the project illustrated above:

untitled script pic - 2021-12-29T204913.100
you got something like Tusi couple
Accordingly to draw ellipse - Paper strip methods it seems to be a proper way.

Test project
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I had previously used an ellipse created with Cartesian coordinates, in which an ellipse is treated as a variant of a circle (or vice versa) with width and height substituted for radius. However, the strategy of creating circles and ellipses by rotating one sprite around another seems like fun.


I prefer rotating over using analytical geometry to construct/learn about shapes; it is what I call kinesthetic learning, which is why I use it as my username.

I agree that this opens new avenues and multiple approaches to explorations ... one of the great things about the Snap! environment.