Report the name of a variable reporter

Is it possible to obtain both the actual name of a variable as well as its value?
e.g a working version of this dummy one


You could do it the other way; take a text string as input and use the variables library to find the value of the variable with that name.

But (channeling Jens) if you want to do that, you're probably attacking your project in a way that works against how the language works, and you should consider using a dictionary instead of messing with variables.

I know what you mean and normally you'd be 100% right :slight_smile:

What I'm trying to do is emulate one of Scratch 1.4 great features - sending any variable values out on on a TCP port as a message like
sensor-update "foo" 45
which sends the name of the variable, foo, that's changed and its value

I'm doing this via http get requests instead of TCP messages and that's working fine to simulate the behaviour of broadcast blocks but I'd love to be able to do the same for variables

So I want a programmer to able to use my library with a custom set block and drop any variable into it and get it to send the name and its value out in one message

Could you paste the xml code for that please? as having trouble replicating it.

<blocks app="Snap! 6," version="1"><block-definition s="get name of %&apos;var&apos;" type="reporter" category="other"><header></header><code></code><translations></translations><inputs><input type="%anyUE"></input></inputs><script><block s="doReport"><block s="reportListItem"><l>1</l><block s="reportTextSplit"><block s="reportListItem"><l>2</l><block s="reportTextSplit"><block s="reportJoinWords"><list><block var="var"/></list></block><l>("</l></block></block><l>..."</l></block></block></block></script></block-definition></blocks>

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Just what I was after - thank you very much :slight_smile:


For any others looking at this - the basic "trick" is to set the var to unevaluated so it just returns the object and not its value - the join then converts it to an easy to parse string



And then, of course, it turns out @bh was right in the first place - I was attacking it wrong :slight_smile:

I don't really want/need to drop the variable reporter itself into the block - all I need t do is use the menu option and select the variables I'm after :slight_smile:



And achieve my ultimate aim to set the variable value and then send it out to my python webserver :slight_smile:

But it was a great learning exercise :slight_smile:

This is very clever. I actually thought of JOIN and then when I saw what it reported I got discouraged, but SPLIT makes scraping the result pretty easy.

And @cymplecy thinking of the variables menu, which totally skipped my mind, is also very clever. I've learned a lot from this thread!

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