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Hi everyone,

We are very excited to announce Snap!Con 2021!

For four days educators, researchers, makers and enthusiasts of Snap! from all over the world will gather online to share ideas, experiences, schemes and artifacts around the joy and beauty of computing. Come and join us! Show us your project, engage in lively demos, discussions, talks, panels, and connect virtually with actual young thinkers.

The Conference will take place online from Thursday, July 29 to Sunday, August 1, 2021. There will be five hours of program for each of the four days of the conference, with breaks in between. Additionally, reserve Tuesday, July 27 and Wednesday, July 28 for the Young Thinkers pre-conference day with hands-on workshops for teens.

If you are interested in presenting, we are accepting proposals for lighting talks, talks, workshops, panels, and BOFs now through May 1, 2021.

Register today for Snap!Con 2021, submit your proposals, and find more information at the conference website:

We look forward to seeing you online this summer!

Snap!Con Planning Committee

cool i will think about it

I don’t get it, are we supposed to make something and share it with others?

Is the meetings on zoom or something and do we have to attend them because I might not be allowed to.

You don't have to, but it's an option. And yeah I think it also has something to do with zoom meetings

how does a Snap!con work
i mean i've seen a Snap!Con on the Snap!'s youtube channel before but i don't really understand =/

I missed the last snap conference so I don't know what, if we joined, does that mean we have to make a presentation about coding and share it with others, or do we make a project? I don't exactly get how this works.....

Oh.....and it's not free this time...

It wasn't free last time either, although it is $5 more expensive this time for some reason. I am thinking of making a lightning talk about rendering 3d fractals. (raycasting)

Hmm for some reason I'm not seeing responses on this thread. Sorry for the delay.

There's no "have to" about any part of this! You don't have to attend at all, of course, and if you do attend you don't have to present. Yes, it'll be on Zoom. We are actually thinking of keeping it all-virtual even after travel is possible again, because for an in-person conference you'd have to pay travel costs plus room and board (either directly or included in the conference fee). It's a lot easier for everyone if it's virtual. The only disadvantage is that if you travel to a conference it's worth your while to get in phase with the time zone in which it takes place. As it is, the conference is way early in the morning for us Californians, and way into the evening for Europeans and Africans. East Coast America has it at the most reasonable time of day. Asians and Australians, I'm afraid, suffer.

The conference is primarily directed at adults. For those of you coming to us from Scratch, think Scratch Conference rather than Scratch Day. But we welcome younger people to attend the conference and/or the Young Thinkers event that comes before it, sponsored by SAP, and not entirely Snap!-based. I expect that the conference would be of interest to ages 15+, and maybe for 12-15, and less likely for below 12, but I know there are 8-year-olds among our gang with a sophisticated knowledge about programming, so I don't want to dissuade you from attending.

@earthrulerr: I don't understand "do we have to attend them." What would it mean to attend the conference and not attend the sessions? Especially at a virtual conference where you can't buttonhole people in the corridors! If the issue is that your parents are worried about security, you can attend with your audio and video off, if that helps. Most of the time, whoever is presenting will be screensharing anyway, so that's all anyone will see.

As for presenting, there are two possibilities. If you're a young person and want to present to other young people, I expect we'll organize a youth-to-youth lightning session in parallel with some boring adult thing. :~) Or you can sign up to present a workshop at the Young Thinkers event. "Workshop" means that most of the time should be the attendees doing stuff on their computer, rather than listening to you talk. For instance, the people who like to invent new Snap! blocks could think of a project in which they'd be useful and have participants load your library and work on that project. But if you're a young person and you have something to present that you think will be of interest to a largely adult audience, by all means make a proposal.

Last time we had, I think, three "proposals" from young people who were just messing around, and one serious one, which we accepted and which was very well received. (It was about a project to display a pie chart from a data list.) I'd personally be delighted to have more participation by y'all.

What would you present? Well, last time, there were presentations about extensions to Snap! or libraries written in Snap!; those were probably the most interesting to young people. There were presentations about curriculum using Snap!, which could be of interest if you're studying computer science or computer-based math or science curriculum. There were some lightning talks (five minutes, strictly enforced) about "here's a project I made," but they had to be pretty cool projects. I think there were one or two about "here's something I wish I could do in Snap!." Umm, other staff people, what categories am I forgetting?

If you want to attend and the $25 is a serious obstacle, send an email to and we'll see what we can do. I'm pretty sure the Young Thinkers thing is free -- does it have a web site yet? Stay tuned.

Ok thanks! That is one super long message lol.

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"with some boring adult thing"
I completely agree:)

"Umm, other staff people, what categories am I forgetting?"
LOL :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: bh is pro.

"I know there are 8-year-olds AMONG our/US gang with a sophisticated knowledge about programming"

Also can we present our projects because the stuff I see requires html or Java but I am not a Java scripter and I am a beginner html. So I wonder if I could present a project.

And is the 25$ for a coding app?

Hey either I am bad at comprehending or it is not on there but what is the date? Also if you are having trouble with timing look up whatever time it is starting then EST, CST, PST, etc.

Cali is PST and I am Texan (CST) so for an example you just look up PST to CST.

Where are you seeing this?

The program hasn't been announced yet but unlikely to contain anything significant in the programming area other than Snap! :slight_smile:

The $$ is an entry fee for the conference to help towards the costs of hosting it


Ok and bh says stuff about making add-ons and libraries:

"there were presentations about extensions to Snap*!* or libraries written in Snap*!*"

To create libraries and extensions you need to do JavaScript which I can't do:/

JavaScript, not Java.

The libraries and extensions may well be created using JavaScript (Java and JavaScript are two completely different programming languages) but that won't be the stuff that is demonstrated and talked about.

Almost all the programming things that get talked about are in Snap!

Java is to JavaScript as car is to carpet.

But I am asking if you can't make an extension or library to present than can you make a project?

So, I'd think any serious project would be considered this year as well