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Wdym by a serious thing do you mean not simple like just color changing? By serious do you mean it has to actually have work put into it?

So also would something educational count like a test and study helper?

I'd would have thought so :slight_smile:

The young person last time did a full presentation an explanation of the thinking and work that went behind their project

I'll see if I can find the video recording of it for you to look at

So I made a spanish test project and I am gonna add studying to it and everything would that be serious? Its is educational, takes lots of work and time, and it has a good menu and I am adding backgrounds to.

It's up to the Snap! team to decide if something is good enough to be given a time slot but it sounds to me that a project like the one your describing might be worthy of a least a lightening talk slot

Thanks for the help:D

The issue isn't that I don't know how time zones work. The issue that there is no possible time to hold the conference that isn't the middle of the night for someone somewhere!

But, look, don't stress out about the conference. If you have something you want to present, go ahead and make a submission, and the worst that can happen is we'll reject it.

Ok but yeah if you live on the other side of the world it will be midnight:/

When will the times be out though?

How exactly are we gonna pay? Is the conference were we present or is it the young thinkers were we present? I want to present.

How pay: The usual online ways: credit cards or I think Paypal. You'll probably need your parents to help with that part.

Young Thinkers is free.

Where to present: It depends on the kind of presentation. If you want to do a five-minute lightning talk, that would be in the conference itself; if you want to run a workshop for youth, that would be at Young Thinkers.

Go visit and read about presentation categories! :~)

And don't stress out.

What about debit?

Probably. I don't know. Whatever Stripe accepts, I think.

I think they will since debit is basically credit.

Have you found it? Was it published on youtube?

Reminder: We’re accepting proposals for lightning talks, talks, panels, workshops, and BOFs until May 1.

Those attending will be people interested in Snap! as users, teachers, curriculum developers, software developers (Snap! itself and extensions), and researchers. The best proposals will be of interest to that entire range. We welcome proposals from young people on topics of interest to the entire range of participants.

Please submit your proposals at

Snap!Con Team

wait we need to pay money?

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Really nice issue

old english? jabberwocky?