Random Contest

Hello! In this contest, you'll make a project using my block (project) which creates random numbers. I want to see how you use this block. So this will be qualified by:

  • Originality: How you manage to use this block and what it does.
  • Formula: What processes do you use with the numbers and the purpose.
  • Randomness: How much the data returned is random.

If you want to enter, be sure to follow the rules:

  • Do not copy other people's project(s). Inspiration and ports are valid though.
  • Only use my block to get the random data. Means: to generate pseudo-random data you must use my block, not or another which generates similar data.

It will start on April 12th and end on May 1st

Why your block specifically? Doesn't it make you look like you want free attention? Because I think free attention and exposure like this is very annoying or frowned upon on the Forums. Or any part of the Internet, really.

No. It's just because I want to view how you use my block. Since I find it very difficult to make something random with this block, even making a block like , I would like you to expand the limits I've found about this.

You could make, for example, something similar to Perlin Noise but using this block!

Is there a project link?

No, you have to copy and import it. If you don't know how to do it just go here

This will probably cause the demise of this contest, and probably will be the main reason as to the downfall of it. No one will join if that happens.

That's just my prediction.

Ok, you can use this project as well (needs JS)

I don't understand ANY of that stuff. Why not just make a project with the block and change my mind?

OK. Here's the project:
Snap! Random Contest (berkeley.edu)

Changed my mind. Now put it on your original post.

I've added it

Not sure if I'll finish it, but I'll whip up a little something-something when I'm not doing anything.

Can't you just push out a poll on the original post about the random block and then bump it, saying you are making a poll?

It would take less waiting time, and it's hassle-free. I mean, it's less fun, but I don't care. It would be pretty accurate to gather data.

It's OK... If it is not finished, you'll lose points though

That's fine. I'm just here to create, not really to compete.

i have an idea for a game i could make

but why does the random block always return a list of random data? i think it should just return one random number.

also what is the range of the generated random number?

For one number, you could always use item 1 of with length 1 to get a single random number.

For range, I'd look inside the random block and start to parse through the calculations to understand how the pseudorandom numbers are being generated.

Yeah but the problem is i’m lazy. Also the block’s definition looked kinda intimidating. I wanted the range for a block that generates a random number between 0 and 1. But I don’t really need the exact range to have decent precision. So I just didn’t bother trying to get its actual range.

It returns a list of raw random numbers. You have to process it, that's the purpose of this contest!

0 - current Unix time in milliseconds

So <random number> / CURRENT TIME IN MILLISECONDS would give [0,1]?