Questions about alonzo

DO NOT FLAG, THESE ARE JUST QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ALONZO LORE, i also didnt know what category to put this on

here are the questions
1 whats alonzo's gender
2 what is alonzo afraid of
3 whats alonzo's favorite food

Male; he was named after Alonzo Church.

He eats pythons.

Ha. He's definitely powerful enough.

What's his favorite drink?

He probably drinks Java, destroying it in the process. :-)­

He writes down his recipe as a Java Script, and Schemes about sailing the 7 Cs.


I suppose you meant sailing instead of draining, but funny

He really couldn't say what he fears more: being ringed or being evaluated.

Alonzo would rather remain himself.

now heres other questions
1 is alonzo related to gobo or alonzo is a identity stealer of gobo
2 how tall is alonzo
3 does alonzo have friends (like scratch cat's friends are nano, pico, giga, gobo, tera)

When Jens first made BYOB (the earlier version of Snap! that was a modification of the actual Scratch implementation) he picked Gobo as the initial costume of the first sprite of a new project. I wanted our mascot to reflect the importance of first class procedures in our work, so added a lambda-shaped hairdo and named the resulting character Alonzo.

We are friends with the Scratch Team and have their permission to use this modified version of Gobo. We don't use any other of their trademarked characters.

Do I get to count Tad, Jahrd, Derec, Jamet, Sarron, Aleassa, and Lirin as Alonzo's friends?


you forgot about alonzo's height

Alonzo is 120 pixels tall, and Abby is 200 pixels tall, you might be able to determine Alonzo's height based off of how tall Abby looks (which I don't know).

now, if we wanna convert that to centimeters

we have to divide by 2

now its 60, we add cm to it

and bam! alonzo is 60 cm tall according to my calculation

Alonzo has guns

He fears Scratch Cat's fate - being deleted 100+ times a day in new projects.

Alonzo is rapidly becoming Snap! ‘s “Stig”. :diving_mask:

Assuming Abby is both around 12/13/14 and the average height for a girl that age, she is roughly 152-160 cm tall. 120/200 = 0.6, meaning Alonzo is roughly 91.2-96 cm tall. 96 cm is roughly 3.14 feet :~)