Alonzo with Firearms

Hey @bh, i drew Alonzo with Firearms:

Alonzo with Firearms
What does this remind you of and do you think this is cute say yes

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did you make this topic just to add something to the “things @bh finds cute”



No, actually. Here in the US, at least, there's nothing cute about guns.

I'll give you "interesting." And a hint of art talent.

How about you draw Alonzo with guns (not firearms, but big arms)?

Especially when there are people that attack schools :frowning:

That too, but I was thinking mainly of people who attack schools with machine guns.

I mean riot.

Riot, according to Google Translate.

Maybe it's different in China, but in the US when something is called a "riot" it's very often not true; peaceful protests are characterized that way, especially if the police have responded violently and need an excuse.

Now someone will tell me that politics is the other thing we're not allowed to discuss in polite society. :~(

Anyway, so, the frightening thing in the US is one crazy person with a machine gun attacking a crowd of people. Especially when it's a crowd of kids in school, but no matter which crowd, still not good.


Yes I think