PYOP: Yoshi goes to Israel

In this PYOP, Yoshi goes to Israel...

Please don't report this.

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Please translate all the Hebrew; what on earth is the point of this project?

Here's all of the Hebrew translated:
"שלום!" = "Peace!"
"אני זכר בירדו כחול." = "I remembered Bird Blue."
"זה נחמד לפגוש אותך!" = "It's nice to meet you!"
"בוא נלך לחנות!" = "Let's go to the store!"
"יושי," = "Yoshi,"
"מה הם עשו לך?" = "What did they do to you?"
"בסדר!" = "OK!"
"תודה לך, יושי!" = "Thank you, Yoshi!"
"זה הזמן להגיד שלום!" = "It's time to say hello!"
"הֱיה שלום!" = "goodbye!"
"הסוף" = "The end"

Do you know Hebrew or did you use google translate?

I used Google Translate.
Can you do an entire summary of this project?