PYOP (poop your own poop)

I am announcing new series you're been waiting for a big long time:
It is not finished yet so wait big time and also,
i'm not telling you what it is about!
Don't report/flag this if your feeling repugnant!

it seems pretty cool

what's this all about?

Eric said:

no, he said:

  1. DaVinci
  2. Who said he did?

Hard to imagine that a thread that started as this one did could degenerate further...

sounds epic

Everyone, here's my 100% accurate response on what PYOP is actually about:

  • PYOP (Poop Your Own Poop) is and will be the Snap! equivalent to YouTube's YTP (YouTube Poop)

  • Also, no offence but, it has nothing to do with Leonardo Davinchi at all.

oh! you meant:

(this is a joke)

Here are the characters that would be in PYOP (Poop Your Own Poop):

Ok, here is the 100% official logo for PYOP (Poop Your Own Poop):
PYOP Logo Unfinished 2x
What do you think?

do you want my honest opinion, or do you want a made-up one?

I don't even know...

"opinion" to be nice: that's great!
real opinion: it looks weird

Oi mates, I have created the official PYOP Collection:

and also,
i changed the 100% official logo for PYOP (Poop Your Own Poop):


and also,
I created the first published PYOP Ever:

What do you think?



it lives up to it's name

Why does it look weird?