Purple Dots?

What are the :purple_circle: in the blocks, they appear when you press space in a input?'

(the solved is a joke lol... this is real one)

They represent a space, so if you have two spaces you see '路路' instead of ' ' and you can't count them

... and in particular, you can see the difference between an empty input and a space, which is super important when using HOFs.

They're brown, actually!

they look purple to me... so am I color blind? or are you color blind, someones colorblind here lol

I guess they do include a little blue. It's (180,140,140), it says here, which would be a very pale red.

the color is kinda ugly... you know..

Chacun 脿 son go没t.

uh what

passes through google transalate: If their taste. own has everyone

Hard to believe. The other words in your version translate words of the French, but there's nothing like "if" (French "si") in it!

what do you think happened here?! context?

I forget what I got from Google Translate, something different from yours, but also awkward. I was really surprised and disappointed. It's a clich茅 in French; Google should know exactly how to translate the whole sentence without having to translate each of the words separately.

I just tried "que sera, sera" and Google thinks it's French, although when I hadn't quite typed the last letter it (correctly) thought Spanish. It translates it as "what will be, will be," which is close, but if Google really knew everything the way they're supposed to, they would have said "whatever will be, will be," which the correct idiomatic English version. They get "de gustibus non est disputandum" correctly. It took me three tries to spell "guo tieh" so they would translate it (first I tried "kuo teh" and then "guo teh") and even then they say "potstickers and"! Where did the "and" come from? (In fairness, I had trouble asking for them in noodle houses in China, too, so maybe it's not surprising that I can't manage a phonetic spelling.) They get "je t'ai apprivois茅" even before I typed the last letter, but given all of the above I'm not sure they recognize the quotation.

From all this I conclude that it's a little premature to worry about artificial intelligence making human beings obsolete.

Is it just me, or they look more red in flat style?

Dunno, flat style is too hideous for me to bear; ask a child. :~/

I'd always use flat style if it weren't light mode

Well I agree that the glaring white background is the worst thing about it. But normal mode is so much more elegant!

I'm not a fan of gradients, they distract me from text

I use flat mode...


If their taste. own has everyone