Profile Page Ideas (2)

Note: I’m talking about the actual website, not the forums.

Since we don’t really have much to put on our profile pages, I had an idea about commenting. Instead of the commenting Scratch (and most other programs) has, Snap’s commenting would have “topics.”

These topics would be created by the user, and could be named whatever they like. Inside the topics, users can comment things related to the name of the comment. For example, I would have a “Questions” topic, a “Feedback” topic and an “Other” topic. In “Questions,” users would ask questions.

——————Second Part——————
I would also like another tab on the profiles. The one with comments and projects would be renamed “Main.” The second would be “Community Posts.” In “Community Posts,” the user who owns the profile page could post anything (like updates, questions, etc). They would be able to use bold, italics, underline and images. Other users could reply with answers, more questions and feedback.

Both of my ideas would help unite the community. My first idea isn’t as important as the second one. I would like it better if it was added instead of the first.

This should go in Feature Requests.

My immediate reaction is "this isn't Facebook." I think I'm right that everyone on our team wants very much to avoid being anything like Facebook, which has been the main driving force in ruining the tone of discourse on the Internet. It's insidious; all its features sound prosocial when you hear about them in the abstract, but turn out to be absolutely evil in practice. I know that we need more ways for users to interact than we have now, but I think those interactions should center around projects, not around gossip about what they ironically call "friends."

We still have some crucial priorities for the web site undone, but after that we'll add comments on projects. After we live with that for a while, then we can talk about whether we need other things.

P.S. In a perfect world, you'd be able to say "Hey, all Snap!pers in the Berkeley area, we're having a get-together at Kirin Friday night" and have real face-to-face interactions. Alas, it's not a perfect world.

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That’s his signature. It comes after everyone’s posts. If you’re talking about the kumquat part, most Scratchers make jokes about kumquats (a type of fruit).

In Scratch, some people put “An evil kumquat ate my signature.” in their sigs that it eventually became a trend.

I wholeheartedly agree. I would be much more happy if forum members were as enthusiastic about remixing each other's projects as they seem to be about everything else but this.

You and Jens. Once we have commenting on project pages, I think this will get better.

That's right; and the semicolon is a reference to a minor oversight that occurred on Scratch for a while: a semicolon could be seen at the bottom of the site.