POX collaboration

bro, its a release

when something is released, you gotta expect it to be buggy

also, the vars are global because im lazy

idk what ur talking about. u didnt post a snap! project

i posted the project

??? i thought you were making an engine

i kinda dont like some parts

ill try to edit it or remove it

POX is a physics engine expect its a extension

make a project with it


UPDATE: i added more blocks and i added a demo project

whats the link

Alright. Are you going to smerge it? You said you would.

now i will do it

Let's make parts slide across surfaces depending on how steep they are next and you can just add more features.

By the way, do you have the formula for bounce yet?

how do i get the post to smerge block

nvm, i found out

just open the link already


i posted a alternative, since i didnt like @me_the_super version

i made my own SMERGE as a alternative, ill be working on this now

Ok. How about this time I don't add too many features and focus on the bouncing part? To do that I'll need to make gobo slide in the right direction.

At the end we can also merge our projects into one.

I also cleared my branch to focus on specific features.


Well if you made the variables local, each sprite would have its own controls. You're still going to need to add local variables.


i cant right now