POX is finally here!

POX is a physics extension, currently it supports gravity and collisions
you dont need to credit me

ill publish a demo project to learn how POX works if i can

the name POX is box but the b is replaced with the first letter of physics

! Wow!

There was one bug in your project, it was in the enable/disable gravity block. It changes the wrong variable so the gravity doesn't turn on. It can also be significantly shortened to
POX extension script pic (1)
since the boolean will be false if enable=disable.

Yeah, you're right.


I wish there was either rectangle collision (current version), circle collision, and dynamic collision (hitbox fits perfectly to the costume). I also really want a rotation velocity as well, but maybe that might be too much work on the library.

I could also think of a "weight" variable, "elasticity", "friction", etc...

I can do square collision. I can also make the gravity more realistic. I'll elaborate in the post for collaboration, the reason why I didn't respond to @mehone earlier is because I didn't know what to add.