POX collaboration

i wanted to create a simple physics extension called 'POX' which is box but the b is replaced with the first letter of physics


POX globals

adding blocks for configuration
making variables for POX


adding blocks for collisions


adding blocks for gravity

1 follow snap guildlines
2 dont vandalize this
3 add things only related to physics
4 have fun!

we will be using smerge, its easier than remixing rapidly and wasting our energy in 1 minute

since no one collabed, i made POX on my own

its time to close this

Its only been five hours though...

Yeah, true.

be patient!

Yeah, patience is key.

when i first did battle brothers collaboration, they talked about making a post a wiki and didnt even help

sometimes, snap isnt even helpful

Just because people don't respond doesn't mean they don't want to collab. They might not know how to add what they want to add or they don't know what to add.

By the way, I can do square collision, not the one where you collide with a sprite in the shape of a square but the one where you make a square-shaped hitbox using coordinates. If you know the formula, we can even make objects bounce depending on a bounce variable and how fast the affected object collides with something.

Shouldn't the "collisions?", "gravity strength" and "gravity?" variables be local? If they were local, you could give each sprite its own gravity strength. You don't need to add that, I will.

I'll also make a smerge, give me a second.

Smerge website:


The pin is 068944. No password is needed, it isn't like we can hide one. I'll smerge my changing once I'm done with them. Please do not expect it to take a short amount of time.

dont open POX extension (1) it isnt ready

I started something basic on this


the objects float because of errors and i cant seem to fix it

still even this doesnt qualify as a basic physics engine

Try watching your tone. It "doesn't qualify as a basic physics engine" because it's far from done.

i can trash on anything i make lol relax

I will add bounce soon after this update. Do you know any formulas for it?

wym. its just buggy and isnt good

I'm fixing those bugs in the smerge. If you want to collaborate, can you use it?



Just click on this

There's this on how to use it
also POX extension (1) isn't ready

Now you can open the 2nd change not the 1st. I also really want that formula to add bounce, or I can try to do it myself.