please increase the media limit

  • Good quality pictures
  • videos (that is animated GIFs, imported via a very long process involving Scratch and Snapinator)
  • audio paired to all speech bubbles
  • sound files for projects related to music

Ah. Okay, thanks.

Isn't that just what i said?? i told you i knew what his students needed it for.
oh, but, i'm just a slowpoke and a blockhead and a straight up idiot...There's no need to listen to anything i say, you know? just needed 2 know exactly...plz dont take it personally

well, it's obvious. what else would you need all that space for? to make a big huge viral project or something stupid? of course not!

This would be useful for making projects that appeal to the masses.

I learn more from snap than scratch even with a 10 MB limit. The limit has no affect on learning.

yeah, we know, i'm so stupid and there's no need to listen to anything i say 'cause i'm a liar who just spouts nonsense.

you're not stupid.

yeah, and how do u know that? You're just saying that to make me feel good, i know. don't bother if u don't even mean it.

We'll discuss this next staff meeting. One limiting factor is that right now Jens is paying for the cloud storage out of pocket. (He's supposed to be reimbursed by SAP someday.)

I'm not saying you're bad or good. I don't care how good or bad someone is.