please increase the media limit

hi. i make song playlists & animations. id love 2 publish my projects. sadly, the media limit (10 mb) is VERY easy 2 surpass. plz expand this limit so i can upload my animations & music projects here :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah i can only put like 1 song in a project if im lucky.

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"Song playlists" is not something I think we need to support. You're just trying to use us as your personal cloud storage.

10Mb is an arbitrary limit, and we can think about expanding it, but there does have to be some limit. We are a zero budget project; we can't just expand our server space infinitely.

+100 on this feature request, if I could spam as many likes as I want on that like button, I would if I could. (I'm trying to make a project with all of my favorite songs I uploaded, but I can't make it, sooooo....)

me 2! ig thats wut makes scratch win over snap: scratch is better suited 4 music projects

ikr! im making a nightcore song project & the project "exceeds 10 mb" even tho the song is 7 mb -_-

Snap could add a feature to load a sound from a link when the project loads, and possibly turn that off again when the project is downloaded.

Yes, that's a more plausible feature request.

I don't know about you, but my music library is over 20Gb. We are so not interested in being your music server. That's what iCloud is for.

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Whatever, you can store your music anywhere you like, except here. :~P

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The average size of good projects of mu students is about 100-150MB.

You can still make project at any size, but you can't upload project no bigger than 10 MB.

What takes all the space?

I would say that the reason this would be useful is music for games, ive had the problem myself.

Right, I get that, but you're not a teacher. I want to know what school assignments require so much space.

Oh, I could tell you. Loads of things. So many things. NOT ONLY music, but also...CODE!! The code put into creating games! And not ONLY music and code, but also, but also, the COSTUMES! the costumes for sprites when making animations! And, let alone the costumes, but also the SPRITES! Altogether, 10MB is really not enough for all these things. Suppose you're making a complex game, with many characters, animations and sounds? Then obviously it's going to exceed 10MB. Come on, just agree to this request, Professor! Then Snap! would always prevail over Scratch. Increasing the media limit would allow people to be more creative than ever, and it would also help people learn and share more. Please???

You know you save project over the 10 MB limit and store it somewhere else? You can provide the share link in the forums.

that can get really annoying.

Regrettably, prevailing over Scratch isn't our goal. It's teaching computer science. That's why I'm still waiting for @s_federici to tell me what his students do with the space.

I'm not saying you don't matter. But I've heard from you (plural).

if snap prevails over scratch, then it would obviously mean that kids are learning more from snap than from scratch. And I've already told you what his students do with all that space. :roll_eyes: