Please add automatic saving

I was making a project and I accidentally reloaded the page and all my progress wasn't saved, so all my work was lost. please add automatic saving so that when I accidentally reload the page again, all my progress doesn't go away. or whenever you make an edit, it adds your edit to the recover menu.

Sorry about your project!

Yes, absolutely. I don't want it to be like Google Docs where every keystroke immediately becomes the saved version; I think it should be more like MS Word, where when you come back it pops up a window saying "I have a version you didn't save, do you want that recovered?"

The reason I don't like the Google Docs approach is that sometimes I try something, and five minutes into coding it, I decide it was all a bad idea, so I want to just back up to the last version that I saved on purpose.

This should really be higher up the list than it's been. (There isn't really a single official list, but I mean, somehow this never seems to be the most urgent problem to solve, and maybe it should be.)

that would be great, but if I accidentally reload it, what would it do?

Umm, the dialog could default to "no," so it'll be hard to recover by accident.

But for me at least, 99% of the time if Word offers to recover an unsaved document, it's the right thing to do. (The other 1% is if I'm deliberately trying to lose an edit.)

ok, I thought you meant that it would only ask for it to recover if you saved it, never mind.

Maybe storing unsaved projects, before reloading, with fixed name, to "local storage" or even cloud, will solve the problem.
Frequent save to localstorage and sporadic to cloud won't exhaust resources.

that's a good idea. I mean, that's a great idea

that's what I was thinking, yes. Localstorage would be my preferred way, because it doesn't require uploading large files.

I don't like automatic saving, so if you do add it, please include an option to turn it off.

I don't like Google Docs-style automatic saving (also what Scratch does) in which your actual saved project keeps changing beyond your control. But do you have anything against MS Word-style autosaving, in which a separate copy of your project is updated, and you have the choice whether or not to switch to that version?

scratch doesn't do it or at least it doesn't now, because I've accidentally reloaded scratch without saving and my progress was lost, so scratch doesn't do it.

Oh, maybe they changed it in v3. It did in v2.

Sometimes I just like to mess around or test stuff out with Snap, and I think it could be very annoying to have to answer a dialog whenever I open Snap.
And my browser (Google Chrome) automatically opens a dialog asking whether I want to save when I close Snap, which means I can never accidentally close the browser leaving the project unsaved.

Oh I see, I was thinking of a project that you've already saved at least once but are still working on.

That happens to me too, but sometimes I reload it because snap isn't responding, and when I click refresh, the dialog pops up, but sometimes it reloads the page without waiting for me to choose an optian.

While the MS Word approach is great, how about something like Scratch 3 does? It saves every once and a while, mostly when you play the project. Then, a feature could be added like Scratch 2 had, where you can revert to when the project was last opened.

But an option would be needed to turn it off because I hate that kind of automatic saving.

I was thinking that when you don't save the project, it adds whatever you did in the recover menu

Yes, that's a good idea, to integrate this with the existing recover feature.

The Word approach seems ideal to me. You don't even know it's happening unless there's a disaster, and then it gives you a choice.

Oh yah