Autosave in ''Snap!''

I wish there was an autosave setting in ''Snap!'' :pleading_face:

I already requested this a while ago

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Yes, we all wish that. It's on the list. One obstacle is reaching agreement between "Emacs-style" autosave (also "Microsoft Word-style"), in which the buffer is autosaved to a different filename so that your actual file doesn't change until you explicitly save to it, and "Google-style" autosave, in which your file changes without you knowing it. I fear I've described them in a way that makes my own preference clear, so in defense of Google, if you want to enable multiple simultaneous editors, it's important to have a "single source of truth": the one file that has everyone's changes in it, rather than my browser autosaving my changes and your browser autosaving yours.

But also of course we have a long list of desiderata.

I really don't want Google Docs or Scratch style autosave, but I don't mind the Microsoft Word style autosave

The scratch 2 style is different from scratch 3. Scratch 3 auto saves when you are currently not on the tab, and saves every few minutes. I think scratch 2 saved every edit, but idk, I joined scratch near the end of scratch 2.


I hate that. Someone may lose their work because of this.