Please add automatic saving

I'm glad someone request this feature. Automatic saving is a MUST feature. Some thing happened to me. You guys may need to put this on the blockchain. It's faster, better, more secure and automatic saving

Oh lord. We don't need a complicated technology. Once someone actually has time to do this, we'll do it as simply as possible. There's nothing "automatic" to be had -- we need 95% the same code to make a blockchain entry at a particular time as to do a plain old save at a particular time.

blockchain tech is the future my friend. Better to make the transition now.

I have seen "the future" come and go too many times to be afraid of missing the boat. Blockchain is one technology, and it solves a particular set of problems, mostly about establishing trust among people who don't know or trust each other. Our problem is, at root, the tradeoff between redundancy and speed. But even technologies relevant to that tradeoff, such as RAID, are more sophisticated than we need. Localstore is the right technology for our specific situation.

If only it were reliable enough... Though, the storage is free.

Ideally: We have a cloud system, we can store as many versions as we need. It's just a matter of course. There's some Snap! performance challenges due to serializing a file all the time, but is true of any autosaving system, though if we avoid serializing media, it's not so bad.

Sending them all over the net would become a big bottleneck, no?

Ideally we'd invent incremental serialization so that we could constantly save changes. But that's way harder than other solutions.

Not in most cases -- especially if we avoid media, and even less of an issue if we wanted to compress uploads. Most projects are not that big.

Incremental serialization exists -- it also gives us undo. There's already pull requests from NetsBlox. :slight_smile:

But it just undoes drops, right?

No, it's pretty much everything that isn't program state -- though we may want to autosave that at some point.

Are you talking about our undo, or NetsBlox's?

Yah, it does, it doesn't undo text

Maybe you can ad, that you can choose the time of updating the backups (every 30 secs - every 5 mins), and if nothing has changed it won't update them.