Please add a none reading mode for snap

my sister can't read and she wants to code but im not home a lot so I can't help her.
and I can't talk to her so...

It's possible to do, but very hard. For now, I recommend you using other app. The only app I know it's Scratch JR



This could be easier to understand:
Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks.

Since the hyperlink above doesn't work, copy and paste the URL that JoeCoolDoo posted below.

Stupid forums!%20Jr.

That URL works.

It's the same link

Both turn blocks have the same definition. I think you want the other primite turn block in the other one.


Two more: wait for does not call the unevaluated boolean (it remains unevaluated) and forever has no definition.


Not working... ?

The primitive wait for does not automatically call a ringed predicate (which is what an unevaluated boolean creates), so you need the call block. wait for itself has an unevaluated boolean input and repeatedly calls it (evaluates it) until the result is true. Without the call block, your block's input gets ringified twice and the primitive unringifies it once.


I don't recommend Scratch, I don't trust their service and I don't like it.

just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's bad. It's great for young people... and basically anyone. Lots of people have also managed to do some amazing stuff with it, like, a gam boy color emulator, pen font engine, super mario maker v.6, and a whole lot more.

it says that the project does not exist.