PIXELSNAP New Features

So I guess you want to look for templates made by people on the Snap! Forums?

Perhaps use itch.io or something. I mean, you probably can't make a .exe file to go with the game, but just find a community website for people to share their art.

Also if you want to make this, you should probably choose a game engine. The code may be hard to learn and stuff but there are more features in game engines like Physics and Renderers that Snap doesn't offer. This way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to make your own game engine and you can make a community website using the Networking features of it.

For example, I know Unity has a very good system of Networking and Renderers and is very popular. I've used it for 2 years, and, despite not releasing games with it, I learned a lot by making a few prototypes and tech builds for games (That are, yet again, not releasing.)

I wanna be a UGC guy



I've got an idea. You can make this game in a game engine like Unity. I know that this post isn't about Snap! but it's an idea for you. Here's why.

  • Game Engines offer more features like Physics Engines and Renderer Engines and other stuff that coding websites like Snap! or Scratch doesn't offer (Not saying that Snap! is bad, it's good. I've made a few popular titles with it, but I had to reinvent the wheel as I go)

  • Game Engines may have hard code, but there are some other Game Engines that offer Visual Scripting pipelines.

  • You can use Game Engines like Unity, GameMaker (Although it has a license), Construct3, etc.

I may have missed a few. Let me know.

Construct 2, which I have an installer for.

Oh yeah, that one!

very sussy link

Or make your own in Snap!

Self explanatory. Did you even read?

I did. Why do you need a renderer engine? Also, you can make those engines in Snap!

But it will be hard. That was my point.

It will also be hard to convert the files. My idea is that @sladescar can post his game on itch.io by making it using a game engine like Unity and then exporting it as a .exe, which is something Snap! doesn't offer.

I can make a semi-realistic physics engine in a couple days

It depends, doesn't it, on what your goal is. If the goal is to have a game, then yeah, use the game engine. If the goal is to learn how to program games, then you probably want to understand how a physics engine or whatever is implemented.

So my idea is that @sladescar can learn Unity so that he can make the game an online game for his UGC idea.

For example, I know that you can set up a dedicated C# server using, well, C# code. Tom Weiland has tutorials on those. If you don't want to do so much, you can use Photon Pun or the Photon Engines.

You can also export the file as a .exe file for PC, and use itch.io for UGC content and such. So that people can submit their ideas and art for Pixelsnap. It's just my idea though. No one needs to do it.

I can make the UGC uploader/downloader script with cloud variables!

Oh, okay. Just note that they may be blocked for some people.

I know, but everybody on a chromebook wont be able to install exe's
Also I'm working on a work around

Yeah. You're right.

I'm working on a work around for the repl.it block