PIXELSNAP New Features

hello friends!

i am currently working on a new feature in PIXELSNAP called "Save"

there are a lot of bugs with it and it only saves to that current session so think of it as "Custom Templates"

Also If you guys have your own templates, reply with them here for a chance to get them in the project!

also i removed co-op mode.

  • no more co-op

  • Instead of using the num keys, cycle through colors using "C"

  • Custom Templates using Save is here!

Here are the *upcoming* features!
  • Passwords

  • UGC opening

  • Public Custom Templates

  • SketchBattle

  • Drawing of the month/Topic of the month





Any many more epic features will be coming in late April and mid may!

Have fun!

Please just post updates on the original topic instead of making a new one.

Why is this listed as a "new feature"? It's a removal. Speaking of, why did you remove co-op?


Just make the drawing save using BrowserDB! It's NOT that hard!

Yep. I agree.


It's just a game, why do people need passwords in solo-games?


If there is multiplayer or stuff, why can't a simple username just do it? There's no "hacking" or anything in this game, because it's an interpreted game. That means it runs inside an IDE, not on a PC or phone. This means it's harder to hack and break.

Just use Getters and Setters to get the player's username! Well, you should once @bh or @jens makes them JS-free.

They're not. Jens absolutely HATES that block, and also apparently its a "security vulnerability*"

Yeah, not happening. Making Getters and Setters require enabling Javascript is the Great Compromise that allows the Union to continue.

I don't really care, as I don't plan on ever using it

Also, why would you have a loading screen if the project doesn't actually have to load anything? To look cool at the cost of being inconvenient?

bruh i didnt think i would get this much backlash.

anyway I'm sorry ok?



hey guys so i made an update to pixelsnap!
  • no more loading screen!

  • new color

  • new thumbnail

  • ink is in alpha...

Future updates

  • Undo tool

  • Fill tool

  • Text tool! (this will be out pretty soon)

  • Cursor speed (beta)

  • Wallpapers (almost finished)

  • Community Templates (we need some templates tho.)

If anyone would like there art to be a official community template in the UGC Market,
Reply to this!

Current version: 1.5.3

@slate_technologies , @helicoptur


i've already scraped that idea