PIXELSNAP - New Features!

Thank you!

I was just asking a question, THIS IS NOT CRITICISM!!!

A question can still be criticism. It doesn't matter if its a game or not


Ok, well repl.it is not working correctly as of now, so its going to be a while
EDIT: Correction, its fixed! But I am currently working on a Snap! Console Bootleg

I like the pixelated look so that's kind of out of the question.

Yeah same

That's what UGC is

Not exactly but, sure.

I've written a block to draw while following the mouse while keeping the pixelated look.


untitled script pic (14)

im going to use this in the next update if you don't mind

actually nvm since it will mess up how its made.

Why do you need this in a solo game? Even if it's online multiplayer, it's probably gonna be useless.

accounts for saving ugc smh

Just use Browser DB extensions or the Snap! Forums.

Why's that?

I can help you make a website. Although it won't look very good because I will use plain HTML.

that would be nice

@slate_technologies I can do HTML and CSS, so if you want, I can do CSS

Why not just reply to slate in the first place?