PIXELSNAP - New Features!

What's up people,

I added a bunch of new stuff to PIXELSNAP!

Here are them...

  • Dark mode

  • Loading screen

  • Fixed bugs with the buttons

  • Adjust the pen size

  • More keybinds

  • More templates

And much more!

Here are the things Coming soon...

  • Wallpapers

  • More music

  • Ink tray

  • Co-op mode update

  • Tips

  • Accounts

  • UGC

  • Community Templates


I really want PIXELSNAP to become a really good project and I would like your feedback and what other stuff I should add in the next update.

Check out the Snap! project here: PIXELSNAP on Snap!

Check out the official website here: PIXELSNAP

Tell me what I should add and I will think about it!

Have fun!



I have started working on accounts!
for now, you can make an account for the current session on other sessions you will have to make a new one for right now.

remember they are still in beta testing and you may experience bugs...

I might make them cloud-based so you can create one account and log into it on different sessions and not have to make a new one every session.



Cool, mobile though?

mobile coming soon in may

User generated content? What is the going to do in a pixel art project?

So you can view others' works online, probably.

oh, but that isnt ugc i dont think


sorry for no new updates i have been on spring break and doing irl stuff.

New update coming tomorrow!

wait spring break is a thing :skull:

something made by a user is ugc though?

oh ok?

At least in America...

Yeah, freedom, bit-
Guns and stuff.

Im in america-
I think it goes by a different name in my school

We just had a live action frontier day play outside last monday, and the teacher said "I cant show you the pistols they used because guns are allowed anymore"

guns haha.

what should be some new features that i should add?

Yeah, some schools call it Easter break.

Spring break for me was in February, so strange how the rest of America seems to do it in April.

Ah, so did I! I forgot that it existed XD

Where I grew up, we got a week off in February (some folks called this 'ski week' or 'president's day vacation') and then another week in April. As I've traveled, it seems like warmer climates like to do just the one week in the middle of spring so that schools can let out earlier in May/June when there isn't any AC at the school.

Not really a game but...