PIXELSNAP - New Features!

UGC - User Generated Content. IE, a video game were you can have your own character/avatar but you can only buy and wear stuff made by the game makers but there is an update allowing UGC avatar items to be added, now you can purchase and wear items created from other users like you.

huh. my spring break was just for easter


i fixed some bugs with the UI and layer system.

more updates coming later today!

@sladescar I can make UGC! Should I?


Doesn't a game need a goal? What's the goal of this game?

You just draw.

Oh, so this is basically just Google Drawings but harder to use because you can't use your cursor to draw?

I don't see your issue with most things. I think it's just fine.

I mean, I wouldn't say "harder", but I think it would be good if you could use the cursor.

It's perfectly functional.

Yep. I definitely agree with you.

Personally I like the style, a cursor mode I wouldn't really enjoy.

Also I'm not gonna lie, not sure why the color pallet would be a work in progress. When that does come though, you should still allow the keyboard hotkeys to change colors, so it's easier to change the color back to black. Also should probably include a grayscale bar.

In Ink:
untitled script pic (13)

They can add a setting...

If they do, they should make it snap to a grid like how the original mode works.

Plus, interpolation would be an issue, I just don't think it'd be optimal, since it'd look kinda strange if you move your mouse too fast.

Then just use the pen feature instead of stamping.

Bro what is your issues? Always criticizing everyone about anything...

I would call sandbox mode on games still a game. (i.e. several games offer a mode where you just build stuff for fun). Not worth getting bogged down in semantics here about philosophy of 'what makes a game a game?'.