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The Sunshine Shop

Welcome to the Sunshine shop.
What we offer:

  • UI
  • Vector Art
  • Scripts (Snap! code)
  • Music
  • Importing data into Snap!

Our Team:

  • Sir_kitten2 (leader, UI, Vector Art, Music, Scripts, Importing data into Snap!) (Uses Inkscape for graphics)
  • joecooldoo (Importing data into Snap!)
  • earthrulerr (Vector art, UI) (Uses LogoMakr/Scratch vector editor for graphics.)
  • sirhopsalot (Scripts)


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What you want:
Who do you want to fulfill your order(N/A if it doesn't matter):
Notes and instructions:

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What skills do you have:
On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at these skills:

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Covid data

Get COVID-19 related data.
Link: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

Snow background


A background.

What is the Gallery?
It's a list of things this shop has made. Please look through the gallery for something that suits your needs before placing an order.

Join Form

  • Skills: Basic HTML Knowledge, Basic Python Knowledge, Music Making, Making APIs for Snap!
  • How good I am at them: HTML = 6, Python = 4, Music Making = 9, APIs = 8

I meant what skills can you use at this shop?

Um, that is what I put.

That's the only thing you can use at this shop.

Making APIs as well.

Importing data to Snap!? Maybe make it a little more descriptive, because I have no idea what you mean there.

Importing data (e.g. covid data) into Snap! so you can use it.

Also I'd rather not do music making. It takes an incredible amount of my time.

You should add that.

I'm going too.

Shouldn't this:

be form?

Why not just describe exactly what you want in the first place?
Also, why is there a "username" field? You can just see their username at the top of the post.
Also, instead of

What is the Gallery?
It's a list of things this shop has made. Blah blah.

you should put

The Gallery is a list of things this shop has made. Blah blah.

I want to join
Skills: HTML knowledge, good at making vector UI’s.
8 on UI’s compared on some epic ones I’ve seen, 8 on HTML.

No, you havent.

Explain what you mean by API’s please. (Sorry for asking a dumb question)

Basically a web server that handles request. Its text-based.


Isn’t Snapsites kind of an API or is it a software.