☀️ⓣⓗⓔ ⓢⓤⓝⓢⓗⓘⓝⓔ ⓢⓗⓞⓟ ☀️ (Part 1)

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I’ve made logs, consoles. I made Snapsites.

Its a Snap! Project.

Yes it is.

:man_facepalming: An API is actual CODE. Like

import os
import random
from keep_alive import keep_alive
from discord.ext import commands
import discord

bot = commands.Bot(
    command_prefix="!",  # Change to desired prefix
    case_insensitive=True  # Commands aren't case-sensitive

bot.author_id = censored because bh wouldnt like it  # Change to your discord id!!!

Ok then. Can I still join the team anyway?

Yeah, just follow this:

Replace those with your answers.

earthrulerr (Earth):

  • Knows most HTML tags. Is good at making vector UI’s.
  • 8 on both.

Now you wait for a responce.

What editor do you use? You need to use Inkscape or another similar vector editor(e.g. not LogoMakr).

Why do I have to use those?

Why can I not use Logomakr, could I use the Scratch paint vector?

Ok. lets pretend we want to make a grphic where some snow is falling.
In Scratch or LogoMakr, First you would have to design your snow flake. Then copy paste paste paste paste paste paste paste...
Last, take all of those snow flakes and move them all around the picture.
In Inkscape, First you would have to deisgn your snow flake. Select the spray tool. Then hold and drag your mouse around the picture.
See? much easier.

Or I could just you know, make one and use clones…..

Also I can use my thing even if it’s “harder”

Uh, hello! Use Scratch! Or Snap!

@sir_kitten2, I think that it is unfair to not let someone use there own art tool. Some people cant even use stuff like inkscape because there computer doesn't support it, or if it is too complicated. What if you were in a colab and I was the leader, and you asked if you could use some API, but I said I would kick you from the colab because we have to use Snap! Extensions. It is the same exact treatment. Just let @earthrulerr use Logo Makr. They make great UI's using it and should not be held back just because they use it.



What should we do next? Also how is the chat going?

a ui
make it how you want( im trying to teach myself ui's )