No Auto emojis

Its annoying when I type


and it comes out as



I'm totally with you on this! But I think we're a minority in the community. Maybe this is a case in which we should pay attention to the voting...

PS Meanwhile, do as I do: :~) :~D :~/

I kinda like the apple-style emojis. Heh.

But I like to do : D : O and stuff like that (no spaces)

But I don't. I'd rather just have the emojis as normal.

Same, though, I feel torn :-/

Wait like emoticons? Do you mean emoticons??

No, like the Unicode emojis. I want them to display in the native style not as an Apple emoji, but that's another suggestion entirely.

(... both the like :-/ emoticons and the Unicode emojis are called emoticons.)
Screenshot 2021-10-25 08.20.53

@earthrulerr @bh :D :) :( :/
:<n />D :<n />) :<n />( :<n />/

In what is being proposed, people who like emoji could still click the :relaxed: button to insert them. It's just that the forum wouldn't change :-? into emojis.

Snap! Forums are actually Discourse, but modded and purchased by Snap! so they can use it themselves.

So the :) to :slight_smile: is actually what Discourse added in, not the Snap! dev team.

They didn't purchase it.

Yes, but it's a setting. We could turn it off.

The problem with this voting mechanism is that there's no way to vote No. (Yes, I do understand why they designed it that way.)

In the meantime, you can just do it like this! :D


That's what I said.

Woah! I'm gone for a day and this has 7 votes already? Thanks!


Discourse is open-source, which means anyone can use it for free as long as they follow the terms of the license.
What they do pay for, is that discourse offers a service where you can pay and then they host your forum for you.
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Make it 8 votes.