New Rewrite!

I’m working on an entire rewrite of snap but in p5.js if anyone has any suggestions just ask me

Here is the url it is hosted on replit

I made it only using 1 FILE! Ignore script.js and style.css as those are not used

Hello! I really like your project… it looks good except one thing whenever I click scripts sometimes the buttons disappear I don’t know if that’s my eyes or not


Also welcome and thank you!

I will fix it as fast as possible

I'm sorry to break it to you, but it's not a mod. A mod is taking the source code and modifying it. You are creating your own thing, not using any code from snap, so therefore it's not a mod. It's still very impressive though.

Yeah it does have a few bugs though but I bet I can fix em

And also the new block coding language is called blockal just saying

Would you be willing to test something for me? I have a url

i can test

it looks basic but it is functional. 6.5/10

Updated link:

And I also have

Can you test them?

I see it

Nodejs really does come to use