New block looks

I was thinking what if you make snap blocks look like the scratch 3.0 blocks. Would someone do that? (the entire list of blocks) then put ist into the editor
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So, the issue is that you want the dent at the top of the bottom (if you see what I mean)? I suppose in principle that's the right thing, but honestly it doesn't feel worth worrying about, to me. Certainly not for 6.0, which is already going to require a ton of work.

Is there some way I could do it? (redesigning the blocks)


36 minutes went by and you're feeling ignored already? Good grief.

No. For one thing, testing and debugging contributed code ends up taking more time than Jens or someone who thoroughly understands the innards of Snap! writing it in the first place. For that reason among others, Jens is very adamant about not encouraging contributions of code. Sorry. Don't take it personally.

(I've tried having people contribute code to aspects of the site other than Snap! itself, but it generally ends badly and I get yelled at. Once in a blue moon it works.)

Sorry I was in a rush for a reply

I understand that


I like the example you have shown but not the Scratch block looks. Why do you want them?
EDIT: I think Flat Design already does a good job.

They just look good and bold
And I know the fat design but just not good enough :frowning_face:


I'm afraid this is one of those things we're never going to reach agreement about. Someday, after Jens and I have both died, someone will come along and make a Skins feature that will let everyone program their own shapes and colors and whatnot.

Don't say that!

Wonder who? (maybe me. JK?)

Not planning on it being soon. It's a way of saying "over my dead body" as in "not gonna happen while I'm alive." :~)


do you mean flat design?

NO SUPPORT, because i don't like the flat design

I don’t think we have support and no support here, we just discuss about pros, cons and how they can be improved. The “Feature Requests” category has votes, but “Feature Requests—Snap!”, “Feature Requests—Forums” etc. don’t.

Sticking up for @the-joiner, they said "because i don't like the flat design," which is discussing about cons. :~) I mean, they gave a reason, not just a vote.

Yeah, in Scratch, people also give reasons on the suggestions forum while writing support and no support, but, this leads some people to think the forum is only about saying “support” or “no support”; in fact, the Scratch Team discourages that, and I don’t think we even need those words here :P

I guess that's reasonable. Thanks.