NetsBlox Competition

Hello! I want to have a competition to make the best NetsBlox program. It will be divided into teams of 3. There will be 3 teams and 3 Voters.

Open slots


Sir_kitten2 (leader)

_ (leader)

_ (leader)



Competition info

When will it start?

The competition will start when all roles are filled.

How to join the voters

Just ask me.

How to join as a team leader

Just ask me.

How to join a team

Ask the team leader.

What a team leader has to do

  1. You can only have two people on your team(not including yourself)
  2. Tell me when someone joins your team.
  3. Decide what your team will make

What a voter has to do

There will be a meeting here for the voter to come to an unanimous decision for the winning team
Voters can't join a team.

How long will the completion last?

1 Week(7 Days)

We can’t have to competitions. Please wait until the other one finishes.

Yeah, but I don't want to do the other one.

Ugh, ok then.

he never said he was joining.

You can be on mine.

Ok, do you want to join my team?

@bh close this topic please and Team 1

I’m not joining, I do not like this. Also if it’s NetsBlox then why the hell is it on Snap! forums. It should be on the NetsBlox forums. @sir_kitten2

See, wasted topics. Think before you make the topic. Your wasting server space.

How is this related to this topic?

This is about to my new game to every user to play it, it's name is Bacterialysis, and is a game with the role of a scientific to recover any bacteria life in a major extinction mass by the sun.
(Note this game will be playable only in Snap! 7.)

It’s not related to this topic though.

Ok, but I have to call every user attention to play my new game too.
Also, my game needs too more users too.

But you can’t advertise your project. What you can do is go to sus link and scroll to OS+ Ads

Ok, but your link it's not sus. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a joke.

Ok, I'm in OS+ and my ad will be here too. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have to make the banner first then send it to me.



this is my os+ to do my ad