NetsBlox Competition Team 1

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Sir_kitten2 (leader)

@bubgamer07_bungamer0 Let's start brainstorming on what we ant to make.

I want to make a program that teaches the user Japanese by getting definitions for words and letting the community post mnemonics to remember words.

You can't, in fact, have this team, @sir_kitten2.

You are a voter.
(Wow you already broke your own rules)

It only counts letters, not symbols. (.,?!)

oh ok.

@sir_kitten2 lol

lol indeed

I'm not a voter.

Your the leader of the competition, and you need to vote, so you technically are.

Ugh, I created the competition, but I'm not choosing who wins.

You have to. You have no voters.

Voters will join, this topic hasn't even been out for a day.

This is already the focus of another topic. If you want people to help with that project just get help on its own topic

We will see.

Just make on topic on the Japanese project. You already made JapanSnap, why again?

we can use日 to get dictionary data.

JapanSnap was in Snap! I want to make something even better in NetsBlox.

Creating a project like this is pretty simple when using something called JS, you may have heard of it.

Yes but in Snap! you can't use cloud vars.