NetsBlox Competition Team 1

I give up on this, I think it’s pointless on how many topics. You could just you know, start one colab at a time and keep it on that colab, you could change JapanSnap to NetsBlox and just tell people who joined the colab.

You can if you buy a server or find some free ones somewere.

Ugh, Yes but I want this in a competition.

Then why not “JapanSnap” competition, who can make the best JapanSnap? When you make multiple colabs at the same time others die and get forgotten and it’s taking up server space and making Snap! have to pay more money.

Please just leave my topic, Japanese is my passion(other than programming lol), If I want to make a program that teaches Japanese please let me do it in peace.

@bh Please remove offtopic posts.

Also, I might make something else.
EDIT: I want to make an OS instead.

heLLO! Now your ditching JapanSnap!
You even said japanese was your passion and you decided to ditch it. Wow.

Ugh, I ended this competition and I'm continuing JapanSnap, please stop this.

In the future, before you make a new collaboration, think about whether or not you're already working on one.