OS+ Developer Release

OS+ “The better OS”
Early Access

Link: OS+

OS+ Ads
Once signed into OS+ you will see a “your ad here” banner. This banner is for ads made by other users for their projects. When the ad is clicked it will take the user to your project. Running an ad for OS+ is free. To run and ad please make it a rectangle around the size of the banner. Your ad may be resized or rejected. Reply to this topic and @ earthrulerr with the ad banner and project link. In the future a clicks recorder may be added to the ad banner when it is clicked to see how many clicks you got.

Want to help?
I (earthrulerr) want to make the OS itself by myself but you can help by making custom blocks. Current custom blocks needed: Some sort of database block that saves data but saves it for everyone, for example it could be used to make a global leaderboard.
Needed- Better time system, time being a variable looks bad, can someone please make it with a black background and white text instead.

OS+ is in testing/development and is not the full version. If you find bugs @ me with a screenshot or video and tell me what’s wrong.

Sign in and Sign Up
When running OS+ you must create an account and if you already have one, login. In the future usernames will be on a public list. Passwords are stored in your browser meaning no one can see or access your password. Password feature may be changed in the future so that you can log on on a different device but will not be shown to others.

Expected Features
Public username list. Friends (send friend requests and accept them.) These two features are expected to come in an application called “Social Menu” once we have API blocks.
+ Docs, just like google docs you can save and open new documents and edit/create them. Expected to come in some time, may take a while. Suggest new features by replying and please @ me.

OS+‘S focus is to be more of a community and utility OS. We will try to create a some what of a chat were you can chat pre written messages to friends. Some will probably include: Hi, Yes, No, Maybe, Thank you, How was your day, bad, good, oof, please, and more. This is expected to come once we get our API blocks.

@bubgamer07_bungamer0 This is what I need the API blocks for.

You will need to set up an external web server.

OS+? OS means “operating system”, so that would be like naming your pet dog “dog”.

Notice the plus. OS+ as in OSmore or OSpremium. Meaning this OS will be my most worked on OS.

I know.

New update:
Added task bar, close/home button, time, settings, dark mode, password & username changing, and more.

But still, that would be like naming your pet dog "good dog".

I'll try make a better time system :slight_smile:

No it’s not the time itself it’s the user interface, right now it’s shown in a variable which doesn’t go with the task bar. I’m looking for just white numbers with a black background or no background.

Thank you.

What part ya wanna help with? Also I really need the API blocks;~;

Also with the variables it does military time, please try to make it not do military time.


How’s the api block going?

Ahh, I forgot- day after tomorrow should published it. I have some duties and things to done :blush:


@alessandrito123 read this^^


Cant you make it cloud accounts

Working on it but may take awhile, I a good UI and stuff. I odnt think I’ll make it.