Need Team Members!

Me and @cookieclickerer33 are thinking of making a new team. We did have one a while ago, but it's now just us two. Anyone is free to join.


what kind of team?

Development team
We really don’t care about your expertise at programming, we do need some play testers as we never had any of those, so the games where filled with bugs

I could probably help with that.
I don't know how often I will be active, but when I am I could help a bit.


We should probably aim for like 8 people?

what kind of stuff will you be making?

You commented on our dev post multiple times

Yeah that sounds good.

I don't think we're going to get 8 people...

Well, ya never know.

Yea that was just the overall goal

I also don’t expect a team that large considering that there’s a very small number of people that actively use the fourms and are willing to make games

I would ask my irl friend to join but they know next to nothing about snap programming

I asked some old Allies from my clicker days to join
No idea if they will reply

That's cool

My irl friend could work as a playtester though

I think this team is large enough to make at least genesis

But Demise will probably need at least 1 more person who’s not a playtester

The more people we have the bigger and better the game can be


At least 1 person dedicated to code optimization would probably be needed as well

I don't think anyone really wants to do that though...