Need Team Members!

Then we just have to optimize it while we’re writing it

I could maybe help test your games. I'm not a really good coder, but if you tell me you want your game to do something and it doesn't, I can inform you. I'm active every few days.

Sounds pretty good!

Yeah, of course!

Just tell me when you need me.

You got it!

I'm more on the technical side of things; I would help if I liked making games. But I've moved on from making games on Snap. I guess I could make a few custom blocks if you guys need any.

Yeah, we might need some blocks.
We'll let you know when we need any.

I don't make well coded games, but I can make fun games.

Well,yeah,I could join,but only if you make projects that are simplistic and optimized(i mean to only have one sprite and one script that handles the initialization and the loop)

Is your goal to make games or simulations or what? Or is the goal just general?

I think its games.

Alright. I can’t wait to get started.