Need help fixing bug's in my project

greenball positions 59.0 this is the project.

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look up green ball positions 59.0 that my project. will anyone try to fix my bugs on greenball positions 59.0?

this is the project I've been wanting to share beacuase one of you, I want you to fix the bug in this game.

I'm having glitches with this game beacuase sometimes when the game is over when you did nothing that makes you fail, and we want the game to ask a question, sometimes, the game doesn't ask a question when you want the game to ask a question. another bug with greenball positions is that when the varible poop=6685 ,sprite 4 only want's to move one way, and I want sprite 4 to move both ways. I want someone to fix this bug in this game.

You were complaining in another thread that nobody is responding to your posts. I guess this is an example?

"Fix my bug" isn't a great way to ask for help, especially not when you start several such threads at once. And especially especially when in fact you are listing several apparently unrelated bugs. ("Another bug...") Maybe you've tried hard to fix this bug (the main one you're describing), but it doesn't sound like that. It sounds like you ran into trouble and asked for help right away.

To encourage people to help you, do this:

  1. Make it easy for people to understand the problem. Include screenshots if appropriate, include script pics of the relevant code, whatever you can do to narrow down what people have to look at. In this post, you don't even link to the project!

  2. Show things you've tried yourself to try to fix it, so people don't have to recapitulate your false starts.