I can't share my project

like, when?

I don't know. Sometime.

I can't wait intial you fix the bug's in greenball positions!!

you already said that.

yes. it's
greenball positions 59.0 this is the project.

[quote="110443, post:22, topic:15771"]
look up green ball positions 59.0 that my project. will anyone try to fix my bugs on greenball positions 59.0?

this is the project I've been wanting to share beacuase one of you, I want you to fix the bug in this game.

I'm having glitches with this game beacuase sometimes when the game is over when you did nothing that makes you fail, and we want the game to ask a question, sometimes, the game doesn't ask a question when you want the game to ask a question. another bug with greenball positions is that when the varible poop=6685 ,sprite 4 only want's to move one way, and I want sprite 4 to move both ways. I want someone to fix this bug in this game.
[/quote]warning: I started this game before covid-19 when I was more inmature so to let you know, I am more mature now and I can you change the name? of varibles. the poop varible refers to the poop deck of a boat to let you know. the varible should say poopdeck. I do not feel proud of some of these broadcast and varibles. I'm sorry about these names of varibles and broadcast. I didn't know better when I started the project. but now I do know better. I do feel bad about some of the varibles and broadcast now.

will anyone ever fix my bug in greenball positions 59.0 ?

did you see my reply from 8 days ago?

Yes, I saw it.

what's causing the bugs in the game? did you look at what is causing the bug in this game?

do you want to fix my bugs in my game soon? ego-lay_atman-bay helping me to.
who can find the bug or fix the bug's in the game 1st? who ever find's the bug in the game 1st, please tell my the bug and game 1st and what is wrong in the code.

I'm sorry, but just to be clear, I'm not helping you. I have other things I'm doing, and I don't have the time or energy to debug your project for you.


would you help me if I make the fourm clear?

I just did a new update on greenball you could look at the code in greenball positions 63.0 .you could test the game and then look at the code to find the the bug's and then tell me what is wrong what is the bug in the code?

I'm sorry will you help me if I make it more clear?

I just said that I'm not helping you, same as @ego-lay_atman-bay.

I amit it

When you are asking others for debugging assistance (which is a favor, and by no means an obligation!), you’d be wise to first tidy up the workplace that is your project. I, for one, took a peek to see if I could at least understand the outlines of what the game is supposed to do, and of its construction, but I didn’t find any clues or directions, stumbling over the clutter instead.

Some more specific suggestions:

  1. Write down the purpose of the game, with a list of commands, in the Notes section. Thus it will be readable for all users.
  2. Use the “clean up” command inside the editor;
  3. Employ self-documenting variable and block names;
  4. Try to create / maintain a logical order of scripts within a sprite;
  5. Identify any common routines, create custom blocks for those, with a help text if what the block does is non-trivial;
  6. Attach comments for clarification of code, relationships among scripts, program flow, etc.
  7. In your forum post, share:
    A. which program behaviour you would have expected;
    B. what you actually see happening;
    C. in which case(-s) the unexpected behaviour occurs;
    D. which (as yet unsuccessful) debugging attempts you have already made.

Incidentally (our comments were written in parallel, apparently) @bh made more or less the same point just now. [And he’s always right, at least that’s what he says, and since he’s always right, it must be true, QED]

If you keep with these common sense guidelines, chances are others will be interested in making an effort to help you. And never beg, it may even turn potential helpers away,

If despite your best efforts nobody is going to help you right away, why wouldn’t YOU try to help others asking for debugging assistance? Can you think of at least three advantages (for you!) of doing so?

First and most important thing to debug projects are exact, minimal steps to reproduce your problem. If needed, even a special test case, like a script or keypress triggering the desired action.

Last time I saw your project, there was a problem with color for the colision test (ray gun and paddle have a gradient fill). You should avoid the color colision at all costs. Test colission with the sprite instead.

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