I can't share my project

I can't share my project. every time I click the share button, the button does nothing and I'm having glitches with my videogame I'm working on called green ball positions.

OK, can you send a picture of scripts and some details about the project?

Selecting Share while Save-ing a project seems the obvious thing to do. In my experience (working on an iPad) it doesn’t always work, though. Did you try to select Share while Open-ing the project? That always works for me.

If that’s not working either, tell us what you tried and didn’t work (apologies for the zeugma), on what kind of system you’re working, which Snap! version you’re using, etc.

You can also go to the community site of the page (in the home page, not the Snap! editor), click the My Projects button, click the project you want to share and click the Share button.

I got some more pictures coming

When you try to share make sure you click your project in the open menu first. Even if you think you already clicked it, click it again.

wheres my menu?, I can find my projects area and my collections area and my public page area but not my menu. I can also find followed projects area to.

I need a screenshot of the project menu so I know what it looks like.

In the snap editor, file :page_facing_up: > open > select project > share

I don't know what the open menu is. I'm sorry for the frustration. I know what ego lay atman bay said. what ego lay atman bay said isn't working for me. I'm a visual learner. it helps me best if I se a picture of it. are you ok with it. I'm trying to figure out what said, 9 hours ago. I know what the project menu is what I ment to say is what is the open menu. are they the same thing or diffrent? if they'are diffrent, then what is the open menu I hope I didn't make you frustrated. I'm trying to follow what bluebartone21 direction's, they're confusing.

Here's screenshots of what we're talking about (this is the best I could do on my phone)

thankyou. I'll test that

it worked.

In the editor.

Didn't you see their most recent posts?

greenball positions 59.0 this is my most recent post.
warning: exclicit varibles and broadcast. I would like to change those broadcast and varibles that are explicit. I do feel bad for the explicit varibles and broadcast.

I was telling them that you already said that you were able to share the project.

yes. it's
greenball positions 59.0 this is the project.

[quote="110443, post:22, topic:15771"]
look up green ball positions 59.0 that my project. will anyone try to fix my bugs on greenball positions 59.0?

this is the project I've been wanting to share beacuase one of you, I want you to fix the bug in this game.

I'm having glitches with this game beacuase sometimes when the game is over when you did nothing that makes you fail, and we want the game to ask a question, sometimes, the game doesn't ask a question when you want the game to ask a question. another bug with greenball positions is that when the varible poop=6685 ,sprite 4 only want's to move one way, and I want sprite 4 to move both ways. I want someone to fix this bug in this game.
[/quote]warning: I started this game before covid-19 when I was more inmature so to let you know, I am more mature now and I can you change the name? of varibles. the poop varible refers to the poop deck of a boat to let you know. the varible should say poopdeck. I do not feel proud of some of these broadcast and varibles. I'm sorry about these names of varibles and broadcast. I didn't know better when I started the project. but now I do know better. I do feel bad about some of the varibles and broadcast now.

Sorry. No, I didn't.

have you made any progress in fixing the bugs in greenball positions 59.0