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Was my survey saved?

When you submit the registration survey, it unfortunately takes you back to the same page. No need to worry, your answers were collected.

Where are the Zoom Links?

The Zoom links are at top of the info page for each session in the Snap!Con Schedule

Is the conference recorded?

Absolutely! We'll make recordings available after the conference. Not sure when yet...

Getting "Application error" trying to connect to event. And everything very slow.

Me too!

Hi, I am getting Application Error.

The site should be back up now! I think there was too much server load.

Thank you.

sorry, not really important. It says: " Not free of surveilance capitalism yet? Use the [google play store..." on the page for downloading the app.
Who wrote that? I think its funny!

I just discovered that you can press spacebar to temporarily unmute in the zoom sessions

I'm probably the last person in the world to discover this but just posting in case someone else didn't know either :slight_smile:

PS - things are staring in 8 mins aren't they?

Or am I time zone mixed up?

Yes, any minute now...

Wasn't any one in the room so starting to panic :slight_smile:

Hi, I cannot see the link to any event, not even the ones which are happening now-

When I click "Live Event Link Coming Soon", I get taken to the top of the page. This happens on both Chrome and Firefox; I am testing on Edge now). This is not a problem for me yet but would become one very soon.
(Wait, this might be a cache issue.)

Working on a fix now! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thank you! Will the event schedule be changed?

It should be fixed now on the program! We also shared direct links to each session in our email blast this morning as backup.

They're up. The happening now page changed them to only show 30 minutes before session, but all the links should be joinable now. :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion!

How do we access session recordings?

Thank you!