My (Snap!Con2021-presented) Text Editor presentation Trailer +side project

  1. As described in the description of my 4.04 min long presentation of my Text Editor (using no libraries) today,
(read it here, instead)


I have additionally made a 'trailer' available for everyone (including the Snap!Con non-participants) to watch at youtube

(the trailer is without the voice, and is skipping a lot of the Talk).

Plus a side-project, Slideshow Maker project (as opposed to the actual Text Editor project).
Move to the next 'slide' by setting (dragging) the 'slide_id' variable watcher (slider).

The slide's background image is lightened up by clicking on it (then it automagically fades again, just like human memories do...)

Feel free to make your own slideshows by remixing the project - you can easily replace both the background images by your own and the texts for each slide with your own texts.

That was a great talk! Thanks for presenting it.

But, of course, there were text editors long before 1976. :~)

Thank you. I was so anxious and/or excited (I have trouble distinguishing between the two) to have my first presentation (and being on a Snap! Conference for the first time ever) that I was not able to reproduce the two (simple) steps which I've been rehearsing and everyone had to wait for me to set up the screen and sound sharing settings in Zoom. What an embarrassment, but despite it everyone seemed to be so patient and the volunteer helpful all the way. Someone, during the video presented, even said in the chat window - which (because of all the adrenaline in my system) I totally forgot to open at all, so I didn't see any comments coming during the presentation - "This was worthy waiting for" or something similar, gosh, when I have calmed down when the presentation was over and finally managed to open the chat window, I was like "What a relief - all the comments during the presentation were supportive and nice", especially the one made by @jadga who appreciated it being so nerdy (I am a nerd, hopefully in a good way).

I am now wondering if the chat was recorded; and, if it was, I'd like to be able to read it (this time in peace) again. Thank you.

Re: "first" - the Wikipedia article about Bravo, which was the source for the claim, is using the term 'document preparation' program (linked to this article) of WYSIWYG kind, but I wouldn't know. Are you saying it is not correct?


I think the chats were recorded, let me check the links again and try to find it. Might take until tomorrow though.


p.s.: the video is really fun!

That would be awesome, Jadga, if you will find them. No pressure. Take your time.

Thanks in advance!


Those two Bravo developers (Charles Simonyi and Tom Malloy) both have a great sense of comedianship. I've enjoyed watching them during producing (editing) my 'talk' which took several times its final duration; I still enjoy watching the original into 9min 23sec - such a fun they are.

Oh, yes, Bravo is probably the first WYSIWYG one. But when I discovered interactive computing around 1964, text editors were already well-established.

(I once threatened to write an article called "IWYSIAYWYDWYG" (short for "if what you see is all you want, you deserve what you get") about the fact that documents have structure, not just glyphs, but never got around to it. The Snap! manual is done in Word, although I keep regretting that, but I'd never write a real book in anything but TeX.)

Luckily we had a no-show, so we ended up ending early despite your troubles getting started. Don't worry about it. It definitely was worth the wait!

P.S. Yes, Zoom records the chat. I'll dig yours up after today's events end.

Here's the chat during your talk:

11:25:07 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : He seems not to be connected to audio
11:25:19 From Alexandra to Everyone : Danke schön!
11:25:49 From Dan Garcia to Everyone : he could call in?
11:26:48 From Alexandra to Everyone : Plattform I used: But you can make it also on moodle, there is a h5p Extension for it
11:27:03 From Michael Ball | he/him to Everyone : One tap mobile
+16692192599,,98580846368#,,,,*746960349# US (San Jose)
+16699006833,,98580846368#,,,,*746960349# US (San Jose)
11:27:16 From Michael Ball | he/him to Everyone : Phone Numbers if you’d like to call in
11:27:53 From Luis Mayorga (he/him), Fab Lab Yucatán, MX to Everyone :
11:29:54 From John Maloney to Everyone : Simon, are those TAPE DRIVES behind you?
11:30:27 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : Nice Alonzo :wink: Why is he so scared though?
11:30:38 From Nathalie Carrié to Everyone : :wave: Mortel l’intermède musical ! :notes:
11:31:04 From John Maloney to Everyone : Yes!
11:31:18 From Dave Briccetti to Everyone : Fun tip: In more, while sharing, you can turn on sound
11:32:08 From Jens Mönig to Everyone : Oh wow!
11:32:09 From Bernat Romagosa to Everyone : W
11:32:09 From Brian HARVEY to Everyone : Oh that's cool!
11:32:17 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : oO Wow!
11:32:17 From Bernat Romagosa to Everyone : You make the most amazing projects
11:32:32 From Brian Broll to Everyone : Fun!
11:32:45 From Michael Ball | he/him to Everyone : Neat!
11:32:50 From Dan Garcia to Everyone : This was so worth the wait!
11:32:52 From Bernat Romagosa to Everyone : Awesome!
11:32:56 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : Uh, cool, cool! I need this
11:32:57 From Jens Mönig to Everyone : Now we're talking, you're going to have Brian all over this!
11:33:03 From Bernat Romagosa to Everyone : Now we don't need powerpoint NEITHER word!
11:33:24 From Dan Garcia to Everyone : Can you share the youtube @Samo?
11:33:57 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : This is a really nerdy and great video, Samo!
11:34:18 From John Maloney to Everyone : I think that's Charles Simonyi, who created Microsoft Word and Excel (with a team of others).
11:35:03 From Bernat Romagosa to Everyone : You need to add this project to the Snap!Con collection!!!
11:35:11 From Jadga Huegle to Everyone : Thanks for sharing <3
11:35:12 From John Maloney to Everyone : Wow!
11:35:35 From John Maloney to Everyone : Loved the reference to the Bravo text editor.

Yeah, I need to thank Steffano for not showing up and giving me more time. Also the pre-recorded video of mine happened to be approx 1 minute shorter (idk why I didn't make it full 5 min), as if I knew I would need it.


Thank you for taking the effort and care to find the right minutes in the chat recordings.

You're welcome! We live to serve...

Maybe you could write it now.

Then you will need to, if you want to make it a real book, transfer it to TeX.

When I would like to find in the manual - usually during the night - how to implement an idea I just got, the real book or the Word/PDF seem just "too white" for reading in the dark.

For such a purpose I have 'remixed' (and I am afraid, 'butchered', sorry) your manual in the form of Google Docs, mainly to be able to read it in the dark mode (available in my smartphone's Docs app (for Android)), but also to translate it to my native language.

To really be able to use it for reading in the night, I need now to make all the (100%-)white areas in the images of the blocks, transparent, which I find quite a tedious task, but unless I don't, it just looks as shown on the prints-screen below, which I don't want.

P. S.
The "make this area transparent" (on the yellow highlight) and "use different font" are, of course, notes to myself.

P. P. S.
Guess ; -)

Most of the Zoom presentation's chat is now added to an (updated) video presentation itself - see